i draw stupid deminted things
people say thats cool
i guess thats how i ask for help
but knowone knows
so what will i do
i geuss die
and what will happen
everyone says how much they will miss me
and how good i was
but why?
thats all a lie
i would feel this way if that were true
right ? maybe i dont know
why am i righting this
i will not show anyone this
its just going to hide on my computer
then the day i die someone goes threw all my stuff
they will read this
and maybe cry
i dont know
i dont know anyhting
im died inside
and i know it
but im still here why is that??
i cant help myself in anyway
i lie and say people need me
but they dont do they
they use me
dont need me
then when i say anything its ignored
not needed or wanted
just put out there and used
and then laughed at
or put down
why am i still typeing this
you already stop reading
right ??
theres no way ur still reading this
im dead inside and saying all these horrible horrible things
about my family and friends
you cant still be reading this
if u are i dont know what to say anymore
it dosnt matter anyways
i dont feel anything
and by know u think i need theropy
or i need mental care
no one thinks like this right????
if everyone did this world would die
if i sent this to you maybe im asking for help ?
or im just wanting attenchion !
like always thats the only thing i need
so ill just end it here ok
and if ur wondering
i’m completely
and utterly

im fine.

Website by: Tim VanderWal ; Picture by: Dewey Koelzer ; imfine.txt by: Russell Ingram